I’m a Colombian documentary photographer borned in Bucaramanga (COL). My work is focused on exploring and understanding the social dynamics that make us humans or otherwise make us lose humanity.

Since I was a boy I’ve always dreamt to be a photographer, to tell stories because having in count the place where I grew up: Colombia (where the armed conflict had been experiencing in some areas), I knew that I wanted that my photographs were a tool of social construction that contributed both to the comunity where I was working as to the human being who I was portraying. I believe that this has become into my philosophy of life where beyond of only telling the armed conflict in my country, I am interested in the daily life of its protagonists. 

Thus, the stories that I attempt to represent are my desire to document, since they deal with themes related to memory, human rigths and social issues; this in order to exteriorize the bond and the empathy that I manage to establish with those who are photographed and in this way deliver a part of myself in each story seeking to understand and recognize my own story through the others.