I believe that any kind of artist who's work is focus on human rights or social issues have the responsability to not only talk by themselves but also by the human being who is portayed; we have turned into a bridge between the public and the history, and this role has to be taken in a very delicate way because we must understand that as we can help and support a human being, we also can affect their lives by the way their stories are told.

My work is focused on exploring and understanding the social dynamics that make us humans or otherwise make us lose humanity.

The stories that I attempt to represent are my desire to document, since they deal with themes related to human rigths, Identity and social issues; this in order to exteriorize the bond and the empathy that I manage to establish with those who are photographed and in this way deliver a part of myself in each story seeking to understand and recognize my own story through the others.

I got a degree on Photography and Film from the University Jorge Tadeo Lozano

Bucaramanga - Colombia